1- Are your cookies nut free?

Our cookies do contain almond extract. Additionally, they are made in a shared commercial kitchen space so we cannot guarantee that they are free of any common allergens including nuts.

2- How far ahead do I need to book? 

For custom work, I require a minimum of two week's notice. However, I typically book up 2+ months in advance, the more notice the better! Very occasionally, I can accommodate shorter notice orders, it never hurts to ask. 

3- How long do your cookies stay fresh for?

We recommend keeping them for up to two weeks packaged, at room temperature. If they are not sealed, they will begin to dry out after a couple of days. Cookies also freeze very well and maintain their taste and appearance extremely well.

4- Do I need to refrigerate my cookies?

Nope! Decorated cookies actually do fairly poorly in the fridge, with color often bleeding. Room temperature is best, away from sunlight.

5- Why is your name The Compassionate Rabbit?

What a great question! To be honest, my twin sister and I came up with the name on a whim when we first started our business at the age of 19. We were vegan, as was our business at the time, lending to the compassion. We had two pet rabbits, and still have one as our mascot. When we restarted the business, the name kind of just stuck. We try to create an include community that celebrates all people and communities and make the world a bit of kinder place. Like rabbits, we are quiet, cuddly and sensitive creatures.

6- Do you deliver?

Yes and no! Typically no, most of our orders are pickup only at our home address in Nepean, at 9 Sundance Court. Occasionally we will deliver for larger orders, and occasionally with holiday pre-sales.

7- How much do your cookies cost?

Cookies are priced based on the size and level of detail. Standard cookies typically range from $4-$8. Custom Orders start at $110 for 2 dozen cookies, and go up with the level of detail.